It can be very hard to maintain a blog, but it's a hard work that pays off in the end.

Is It Hard to Maintain a Blog? The Truth You Need to Know

It can be hard to maintain a blog because blogging takes good organizational skills, a lot of learning in areas you’ve probably never even heard of before, and commitment to months of hard work before any payoffs come.


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There’s a glamorous mystery that surrounds bloggers. Those who have never blogged professionally often believe the fantasy that a blogger’s life is all about traveling the world, staying in expensive hotels, and spending days lying on the beach, while easy money magically appears in the blogger’s bank account simply because they’ve posted a photo drinking coconut water on a beach in Spain.

The truth couldn’t be farther from it. 


It can be quite hard to maintain a blog — not to mention time-consuming and tedious — and most of us who are full-time or even side bloggers don’t find the many hours we spent locked inside our home offices typing to be that glamourous, you know. 

I’m not complaining though! I love being a content marketer and therefore blogger as well. But it’s important to point out that bloggers and Instagram influencers are not the same species (although some manage to be both) because that’s what creates the illusion that blogging is an easy task. 

Actually, most full-time bloggers don’t even bother with Instagram, as it’s almost useless for us nowadays.

The many blogging niches are countless. And unless you’re in some visual niche like fashion, taking pictures is something that has absolutely nothing to do with the routine of maintaining a blog.


So, in this article, you’ll find an enlightening answer to how hard is to maintain a blog, including the hardships that come with it.

Is blogging an easy task?

Blogging is a great self-employment opportunity that can be performed by anyone who has access to the internet and a willingness to learn. And no, you don’t need to become an Instagram influencer or ultra-expose your life to be a blogger. 

But is it an easy task?

The short answer: Blogging is not an easy task, no. But it’s a task worth learning if the pros seem appealing or ideal for you to achieve your (probably monetary) goals.

Now, the long answer: Be Productive Every Day is oriented to talking about blogging as a business model. So I’m assuming that you want to know if blogging as a business model is an easy task or not.

Because, of course, if you just want to have a cute hobby blog, that will be a lot easier and you’ll chill a lot more. However, you will hardly see any money coming from it.

Now, if you want to blog to make money (meaning you want your blog to be your full-time or part-time job), keep in mind that you will probably be doing most of the hard work — if not all of it — all by yourself, as outsourcing blog tasks tend to be too pricey for beginners.

The hard work mentioned above includes but is not limited to writing good SEO-optimized articles, sharing your blog content elsewhere online (ie.: Pinterest or YouTube), and doing the maintenance of your blog. It will require you to have good organizational skills to divide your time as best as possible.

So, as I keep saying on this blog, blogging is no easy task. It’s no easy money either. But with patience and dedication, it is possible to learn to perform all the necessary tasks to maintain your blog.

Is it hard to maintain a blog? Here’s the truth

For beginner bloggers who cannot sustain a productive routine and are unaware of the huge commitment of having a professional blog, then yes, it is hard to maintain a blog.

It is not by chance that most bloggers fail, and for sure you don’t want to be one of them.  

That’s why it’s important (so that you don’t come across unpleasant surprises) to keep in mind that it can be hard to maintain a blog, taking into account all the tasks that need to be done so that your blog remains active, safe from hacker attacks and system errors, and SEO-optimized

Also, you need to post quality content often and never stop looking for ways to improve your monetization strategies.

For beginners, the hardest task in maintaining a blog is motivation

The trickiest and hardest part when maintaining a blog as a beginner blogger is to keep your motivation active.

You can do all the necessary tasks to maintain a blog moving in the right direction for the first few months — or even weeks. 

In this stage, everything seems like a “honeymoon phase”. You are motivated with all your plans for the future: quit your job, travel, buy a new car, apply for a mortgage on that house where you always wanted to live.

Basically, all the things you’ve been wanting to do but never could for lack of money. So your baby blog is the magic well in which you put all your hopes.


Turns out you’ve bet all your chips on blogging, getting carried away by the glamorous idea that the blogger life is an easy life where you make easy money.


But months have passed and you still haven’t even made your first cents with your blog. Actually, no one is even reading what you wrote. 

That’s when your motivation to maintain a blog will wear off and you’ll start to neglect your blog, starting to doubt that you’ll be able to actually make good money blogging.

I’ve been in that position and believe me, blogging becomes a million times harder when the money doesn’t come and the motivation goes away.

It turns out that this is a natural process when starting a blog. It’s regularly documented by bloggers that it’s between 18 and 24 months of blogging that your hard work starts paying off.

So get used to the idea that for you to make money blogging, you have to work hard for months and months, keeping in mind that you will, most probably, not earn anything in this period. 

If you lose focus and start neglecting your blog, or even give up altogether, then you’ll never get to the good part!

Learn to see blogging as a regular job  not a glamorous life that makes you easy money


Blogging is generally seen by non-bloggers as a means of making easy money. Just think of the cliché idea people have of travel bloggers (one of the most popular types of bloggers). Someone who lives visiting the best beaches in the world. Someone who only (supposedly, as it seems to be on social media) has to type half a dozen words into their laptop a day for the money to fall into their bank account.

This is usually what people who have no experience with blogging think when you tell them you are a blogger. 

But it turns out that real life is not a perfect Instagram profile. And blogging is a regular, real-life job that you might enjoy or not. And like any other job, it demands you to perform tasks that you’re not going to like very much. So, if the many opportunities to make money blogging interest you, you need to deal with the hard parts of blogging, as they are unavoidable.

That’s why I stress that it’s important to take off the rose-colored glasses and treat the blogger career as it is: a profession like any other. 


So forget the fantasy of easy money. There’s no easy money in life. Everyone has to work hard to have nice things in life (except for those who are wealthy heirs, which none of us here are, unfortunately). And if you want all the money you can get by blogging, then you have to be willing to work hard for it, even if it’s a little hard to maintain a blog.

Be realistic, but also keep in mind the positives of blogging


Even if it’s hard to maintain a blog, when you weigh things up, you realize that it’s almost impossible to find other jobs where you have so many opportunities to keep raising your salary working from home, and being your own boss without having to deal with the logistics that merchants usually have.

Also, blogging will indeed bring you more comfort and convenience, more freedom in your work schedule, more free time for yourself or to spend with family and friends, and, if you dedicate yourself long enough, a lot more money than your current 9-to-5 job. 

And one of the best parts is that blogging is a very low-cost investment. Blogging is one of the only business models where you can start with an investment of less than $100 in your first year and start earning $3000+/mo in just a few years (usually 2 or 3 years).

After all, what you crucially need to have a professional blog is a fast and secure hosting server to host, a domain name, a professional email (initially, mostly to work with affiliate marketing, as an email @ your domain is a requirement of most affiliate programs) and a WordPress Theme that is SEO-optimized and easy to customize.

You can host your WordPress blog with DreamHost, which is officially recommended by WordPress itself, for only $35.40/year! And you still get as many emails @ your domain as you want plus a domain name with domain privacy protection for free!

And for your website to look professional without you having to learn to code or hire a professional, you can purchase Ashe PRO by WP Royal, which is a WordPress Theme that is already coded with SEO in mind, for only $29,99 (one-time fee)! You only pay once and you can use the Theme forever and receive all updates without having to pay anything else for it.

DreamHost offers the best web hosting plans for begginers and large audience websites

Is it hard to maintain a blog — Conclusion


Maintaining a blog isn’t particularly difficult once you get the hang of it (which, inevitably, will happen in your first year as a blogger), but it’s no easy task either. Blogging demands versatility, organization, and improvement. Also, it can be exhausting at times.


Beginner bloggers may easily find it too hard to maintain a blog, but having the patience to learn and not give up just because some tasks seem impossible at first glance is crucial to being successful as a blogger.

Also, you can — and should — take advantage of all the amazing resources that make your life easier as a blogger, operating technical functions on your site so you don’t have to.

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