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Be Productive Every Day was founded with the aim of providing practical solutions to lead a more productive life.

Our main focus has always been to combat procrastination and promote active attitudes that can help you achieve your goals.

Our website offers creative alternatives to help you break free from passive mode and take control of your daily life. We believe in turning your to-do list into reality and we are here to assist you in achieving that.

After a while, though, the site expanded to cover several topics not only within the productivity sphere, but also within digital marketing (including content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, audience growth, and social media), online business and e-commerce, WordPress, blogging, writing, freelancing, side hustles, cybersecurity, technology, and more.

Be Productive Every Day is a blog on productivity, digital marketing, creative ways to earn money online and more. Get to know more about us!

Notably, it has become more important in Be Productive Every Day to provide content that focuses on alternative ways of increasing income or making extra money online by working from home. Such content usually suggests making productive use of free hours to achieve these goals.

But one thing hasn’t – and will not – change in any shape or form: Be Productive Every Day’s content will always be of guaranteed high quality, with an in-depth approach to each topic, and seeking to encompass as much information as possible in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Who said that accumulating data has to be boring or complicated? Nah, reading and learning can be dynamic and fun, too – and that’s what we’re aiming for!

Who’s the human behind Be Productive Every Day?

Salut tout le monde!

Hello everyone! I’m Andy, a writer, content marketer, full-time blogger, and the founder of Be Productive Every Day. I am extremely passionate about gathering in-depth information and data, conducting research, learning new things, and sharing my knowledge with those who may find it helpful.

“Andy” is actually an abbreviation of my name. But since my experience has proven to me that very few people outside of France manage to pronounce my name properly, you may call me “Andy” et tout va bien!

I’m one of those people who enjoy too much information.

At school, I was the kid who handed in 5 or 10-page essays every time the teacher would give “write a 1-page essay” as a homework assignment.

So I can say I’ve always had a thing for long-form written content. 😁

I’m currently living as a digital nomad, and for the next 2-3 years I’ll be enjoying learning and experiencing different places and cultures.

I used to be a translator, ghostwriter, and freelance writer

Before starting blogging part-time in 2016, and then becoming a full-time blogger in 2018, I worked in the translation industry as a freelancer for nearly 5 years. As I translator, I mainly translated documents and books from French and Portuguese into English, and vice versa, given that my native languages are French and Portuguese, and that almost a decade ago I had the opportunity to move to London, UK, to study and better my English.

I also worked as a freelance writer, often executing ghostwriter assignments, which made up a significant part of my income. 

That experience made me realize that I don’t really like to be a freelancer. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Most things do not work the same for everyone, and at the end of the day, freelancing was not a good fit for me. I just don’t enjoy the constant need to network or be required to be active on Twitter and LinkedIn. I also don’t like waiting for publication approval or an editor’s feedback every single time I want to write an article. And finally – the icing on the cake: I knew that if I had my own publication, I’d earn a lot more for the same amount of monthly writing and editing.

So yeah, there were many things I was not happy with as a freelancer, which just made me bitter about my career and life choices. 

I really needed a change – but not any change, no!

I wanted to be actually satisfied with my career and have a job that wouldn’t make me feel as if I were waking up every day just to pay the bills. 

I love making lists (tangent, yeah, I know). Lists bring me the sense that I at least know what I want or what I have to do to get something. After that, all that remains is to fill in the checkboxes with a ✔.

Easier said than done, I know. But for me, lists are more of a mental exercise to increase my motivation. That’s why I created a list of desired characteristics for a perfect job. (I have no idea how I managed not to do that earlier, but oh well, mieux vaut tard que jamais. That is, better late than never, right?)

In my checklist, the perfect job for me would:

  1. Provide financial security and stability
  2. Allow me to be my own boss (never really enjoyed having anyone telling me what to do or how to do things)
  3. Encompass my main working skills (content writing, researching, editing, digital marketing, and English proficiency)
  4. Entitle me to create my own schedule, since I’m also an artist and musician and want free time to work on my side art projects
  5. Not demand too much social distraction and interaction (nothing personal, it’s just that I am the most productive when working on my own).

Of course, this perfect job seemed nowhere to be found – and I seemed to be forever trapped in that unstable freelancer life, making me network much more than I have skills or social – and mental – energy to.

So my dissatisfaction with freelancing, combined with the fact that I have training and experience in digital marketing, web design, and an intermediate level in coding, made me think: why not start my own online publication business to provide myself with the job I am looking for?

Bonne idée! 

Sure, great idea!

The biggest problem was finding time to build and grow a website while I continued freelancing full-time. 

So it was a long and tiring journey starting my first website in 2016 and keeping it going only in my free time until 2018 when I finally managed to quit freelancing to blog full-time.

And here I am now, thanks to consistent efforts, constant improvement, and the ability to persist even after countless failed attempts.

Now I hope the content of this site helps you start and prosper in the business that best fits your needs and life goals as well! 🙂

Be Productive Every Day started as a side project

I was already blogging full-time when I started Be Productive Every Day in 2021 as a side project. At the time, I didn’t have all that much time to pay attention to it. I had two other websites to maintain and write for, so I was publishing blog posts here just now and then.

According to my expectations back then, there would still be a long wait for this blog to bear any fruit, taking into account the little time I was committing to it.

But after around a year and ~2 dozen blog posts published here and there, Be Productive Every Day earned its first $450 in affiliate commissions, which I wasn’t expecting to happen that early with such a small blog. So I thought: “better find some time somehow to give this blog more attention, it sounds pretty promising!”

Currently, I write and post 3-5 articles per week on Be Productive Every Day, which seems to be the perfect posting frequency for this blog, since it’s working well.

Blogging as a side hustle

I like to create new projects and websites on the side in different niches, mostly to test my ability to grow websites and explore other niches to see how fun (or not) and profitable they are.

Once a niche gets boring or the subject starts taking a toll on my mental health (that happens…), I sell the blog and move on.

I don’t like putting my financial and physical security at risk, though.

I’m all for self-preservation. I never get into anything without weeks or months (sometimes years) of research, and I price providing security for myself and those around me more than anything. Also, as I always fear the worst, I think saving, saving, and saving even more is never too much.

Furthermore, I follow religiously the reasoning that only money provides actual safety in life, and I’m quite concerned about doing my best not to put myself in vulnerable situations.

So, exploring is nice and fun and all. My ADHD brain needs it to deal with so many boredom crises. But I don’t want to face the possible bad outcomes of unnecessary risks. That’s why I developed a method that seems to be the best possible solution for my situation.

Basically, my strategy is to have 2 primary websites to always know that, no matter what, I’ll be safe, and then separate a budget to explore other websites.

C’est aussi simple que ça!

It’s that simple!

It adds some fun to life without requiring me to bet all of my coins, and that’s what I always recommend for those starting a side hustle: be adventurous, yeah, but also be mindful of your money.

And since the costs associated with starting and growing a blog are generally low, blogging is a great side-hustle choice to explore!

Thanks for visiting this page and for your interest in Be Productive Every Day! I very much appreciate your time.

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