My website covers several topics from digital marketing to productivity. If you want to work with me, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Work with me

Hello! If you’re here, it’s because you want to work with me – that’s great! Thanks for your interest!

You might have checked my About page already, but if you haven’t, I’m Andy – a writer, content marketer, full-time blogger, and the founder of Be Productive Every Day.

I have been blogging part-time since 2016 and full-time since 2018. Before that, I worked for five years full-time as a translator (French and Portuguese to English, and vice versa), ghostwriter, and freelance writer. 

I founded Be Productive Every Day in 2021 as a side project to explore different niches that I don’t have reach on my two main blogs. In the last two years, BPED has experienced significant growth, mainly in lead generation for our affiliated business partners.

My fortes are SEO writing and content marketing to grow audiences and generate leads, and I always focus on long-form, human-written content.

Work with me: Be Productive Every Day covers the following topics

  • Digital marketing (including content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, audience growth, and more)
  • Productivity (both in the professional and personal sphere)
  • Blogging as a business
  • WordPress
  • Web hosting
  • Online business and e-commerce
  • Working from home / earning money online
  • Writing
  • Freelancing
  • Side hustle
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology

(Please do not contact me to cover subjects that fall outside the aforementioned topics, as I will not expose my audience to products / services they probably won’t be interested in trying / buying.)

Work with me: business partnerships I’m currently open to

Affiliate partnership

Do you want me to write SEO-optimized blog posts, tutorials, and reviews, and use content marketing to promote your services and products and generate leads for your brand? Do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your company’s affiliate program!

My commitment is to writing long-form, informative, and SEO-optimized content featuring great CTAs for your brand. Furthermore, every article is regularly revised to always be up-to-date.

Here are some examples of articles written for some of our current partners:

 ➡️ For The US Global MailUS Global Mail Review: Is this virtual address worth it?

Ad / Banner placement

I mostly work with affiliate ad / banner placements, as they usually perform very well, but do not hesitate to reach out to me so we can discuss your ideas for promoting your business on Be Productive Every Day.

Here’s an example of an ad / banner from one of our partners:

Divi WordPress Theme

Sponsored content [new ✨]

Do you want to promote your product or service on Be Productive Every Day? Great! We offer two options for you:

1. Content written by you (less expensive)

> You or your writers create the content (must have at least 1200+ words and NOT be AI-generated or at least 70% written by a human writer)

> I will revise and do an SEO optimization if needed

> As soon as the content is approved and the payment is confirmed, your article will be published.

2. I will write all the content for you (more expensive)

> You provide a list of everything you want covered and I will personally write all the content for you, create tables and graphics if / when needed, and perform the SEO optimization. As I value long-form content and they also tend to perform better and generate more leads, sponsored posts for your brand will have anything between 2000 and 4500 words (depending on the specific keywords related to your business)

> You can preview the content before it gets posted and request changes

> As soon as the content is approved and the payment is confirmed, your article will be published

> BONUS: Since I update my blog’s content a few times per year, if I write for you, your sponsored blog post will get yearly updates as well, at no additional cost!

Please, provide relevant images or logos, and double-check any links you want to be included. You are allowed to include as many links as you want as long as you don’t link more than 2 (two) websites and it doesn’t get spammy, but please note that links will be marked with proper attributes.

For more details, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Sponsored content I do NOT accept

  • I neither sell backlinks nor accept guest posts. In order to have your sponsored content approved, you must be promoting a product, service, or yourself as a professional
  • I won’t be able to accept sponsored content that links to suspicious websites, as it will likely damage my SEO and expose my audience to unpredictable content

Custom paid partnerships

Have a specific idea for a paid partnership besides the ones already mentioned on this page (including what I do not do)? Feel free to reach out to me so we can discuss your ideas!

(For non-paid partnerships, please head to this page.)

Work with me: How to contact me (business only)

I no longer use a Contact Form since it used to attract an awful lot of spammers, but you can email me at: business [at] beproductiveeveryday [dot] com 

Or simply click here.

To guarantee that your email won’t end up lost inside the spam folder, I highly advise you to:

  • Specify the reason for your contact in the subject field
  • Include a “Hi / Hello / whatever Andy” (mentioning my name tells me you actually want to contact me and are not a spammer)
  • Not ask me to move the conversation to WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other app – 10/10 emails suggesting such a thing are scam attempts and I will not reply to them
  • Email from a business email, i.e. ‘yourname[at]yourwebsite[dot]com’ since most emails I get from free services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook tend to be spammers or scam attempts. I may still reply to your email if it doesn’t ring alarm bells (and if my spam filter doesn’t automatically flag it), but I won’t give priority to it.

Thanks for your interest in working with me and reading my terms.

Please allow me 2-5 business days to reply to your email before sending a follow-up. Thank you!

Work with me: when you should NOT reach out to me via my business email

Do not use my business email for general queries or non-paid partnerships. For that, please check my Contact page.

Also, do not use any of my emails to try selling me services or products. I’m looking for neither a web designer nor an app dev, and I won’t reply to such emails. And yes, I built my website with WordPress and no, I’m not interested in migrating to another CMS. Thank you.