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Here’s a list of top-quality and extremely affordable tools (most of which I use currently, have used in my 5+ years of blogging, or have done enough research to be able to say it’s top-quality!) to make your life more productive, protect your online safety, help you in your path to becoming a successful blogger and, most of all, to make the most of your time!

Which tools are you looking for?

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Boost your productivity and find ways to do your tasks more effectively!

Sorry, we don’t have any productivity tools here at the moment.

WordPress Themes & Page Builder / Templates Tools

Easily make your website/blog look stunning & professional!

Elegant Themes is the home of Divi Theme, the most popular WordPress theme

Elegant Themes

ELEGANT THEMES — Elegant Themes is the home of Divi Theme, the most popular WordPress Theme in the world — and there’s a reason why Divi Theme is so popular.

Imagine being able to customize your website as a Professional Designer without needing to know how to code: with Divi Theme you can.

Both Yearly and 1-Time subscriptions give you full access to Elegant Themes’ entire range of products, including Divi ThemeExtra Magazine ThemeBloom Email Optin Plugin, and Monarch Social Media Plugin.


Ashe PRO Theme by WP Royal is a responsive, SEO-friendly and extremely affordable WordPress Theme

Ashe PRO by WP Royal

Ashe PRO is a personal and multi-author WordPress Blog Theme that also comes with Advanced WooCommerce integration, so you can enable/disable left and right WooCommerce widgetized areas.

The Ashe PRO Theme is coded with SEO in mind, being compatible with the most popular SEO optimization plugins. Also, Ashe Theme is Responsive and adapts to any kind of device screen, from mobile phones to high-resolution Retina displays.

Well documented, very easy to use even for WordPress beginners, and temptingly priced, Ashe PRO is an unmistakable choice if you want to build a professional and stunningly beautiful website without having to spend a fortune to do so.


WordPress Hosting

Bring your WP website/blog to life with the fastest and most reliable web hosting services recommended by!

Bring your ideas to life with dreamhost web hosting service


Officially recommended by, DreamHost is a web hosting service that offers one of the best deals for those just starting out: for just $35.40 (don’t worry, it has no hidden fees!) in your first year, you get fast WordPress hosting (and they pre-install WordPress for you! ), free domain name, free domain privacy (if you don’t know why this is crucially important, read here), free SSL Certificate, unlimited subdomains, unlimited email @ your domain (you need it if you want to look professional and be accepted as an affiliate partner by reliable companies), fast SSD storage and 24/7 support.

Just remember of signing up for the Shared Unlimited plan! That’s the only plan that comes with all these features (and much more!) for only $35.40/year.


Bring your ideas to life with siteground web hosting service


Trust your blog/website to SiteGround, a web hosting service trusted by WordPress.or itself, and get 10 GB Web Space, free WP installation, free SSL Certificate, free Email @ your domain, free CDN (Content Delivery Network speeds up the performance of your website, as it’s a group of geographically distributed servers that will always use the closest server to your end-user, no matter where they are), daily backups, unlimited databases, and capacity up to 10,000 monthly visits.

Get started with any SiteGround Annual Plan and save 73%!


WordPress Security

Many dangers threaten WP sites. To protect your website/business from both minor and fatal damage, you need to be equipped with the best of technology.

iThemes Security Pro is the most complete, reliable and affordable WordPress security service out there

IThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro is the most complete and affordable WordPress security service out there!

With 1+ Million (!) active installations, iThemes Security Pro denies access to your admin panel from devices you don’t know, protects your website from brute force attacks, automated attacks and malware injection, blocks bots that keep trying to figure out your password, and, also, assures you that if a hacker breaks into your site, they will identify the attack immediately and take the necessary measures to limit the damage they can do.

Plus, some advanced security recommended practices require you to have at least a little coding knowledge, but if you’re not techy at all, with iThemes Security you can easily implement such security practices with just a few clicks — no techy expertise needed!

WP Security is a must-have: please, don’t wait until your site is hacked to start believing it!

Visit the iThemes Security Pro website to learn more and see prices that are extremely affordable even for those on a tight budget.


BackupBuddy protects your WordPress website, backs up your database and all WP files and, if something goes wrong, with BackupBuddy you can restore your website within minutes!


BackupBuddy by iThemes has been protecting over 1 million WordPress sites since 2010.

All of those website owners trust BackupBuddy because they know if something happens to their websites (human or system errors, hacker attacks, malware injection, plugins and themes incompatibility, etc.), within minutes, they’ll be able to restore their websites just like it was before!

Also, BackupBuddy is a complete, 4-in-1 plugin: it performs FULL backups of your WP site (including your databases and ALL your WP files), allows you to set backups to be scheduled and performed automatically, makes it easy to send and store your backups in any safe place you choose and, finally, has fast and easy website restoration from a backup.

Plus, BackupBuddy has a Blogger Plan where you can get a yearly subscription for only $80/year — and if it’s your first year of purchasing, you can get it for just $48/year! 

You need to be assured that, no matter what, your website is safe, and that’s what BackupBuddy promises to you.


Online privacy & security

The internet is not always a safe space, but there are amazing tools that can change this situation and allow you to be protected online.

Trust NordVPN to protect your privacy online and hide your IP address, so you can browse safely


Unless you’re using a VPN, your location (including your country, city, state and also your ZIP code!) might be disclosed to strangers, even when you’re just innocently commenting on an article you find interesting. Scary, isn’t it?

NordVPN secures your online traffic through encryption and allows you to choose from several different IP addresses to connect to the internet, so your personal IP address, and therefore your sensitive information, remains inaccessible to strangers.

You can have your whole household protected with one NordVPN account, so make sure to visit NordVPN’s official website to learn more about the advanced technology that they use and also check their affordable prices!



Discover the best tools to help you grow your organic traffic and write SEO-optimized content, no matter if your strategy focuses on Google, Pinterest, or both.

KWFinder by Mangools is the keyword research tool that will help you reach the top of Google and grow your website's or blog's organic traffic


KWFinder by Mangools is a keyword research tool that has the data you need to identify how many searches the blog topics you’re considering writing about have.

If a keyword has very high competition, KWFinder will recommend similar keywords that have much lower competition, thus giving you the chances you need to reach page #1 of Google.

Choosing KWFinder is the smart choice you need to make to be sure that whatever blog topic you choose, actual people are looking on their own for that information, so you know from the beginning that you’ll get sustainable organic traffic from Google!

TRY KWFinder

AIOSEO (All In One SEO) is a WordPress plugin that comes with a powerful toolkit to guide you step by step on how to make your blog/site SEO-friendly.

AIOSEO — all in one seo

3,000,000+ bloggers and online business owners trust AIOSEO (All In One SEO) to help them lift their websites to the top of Google!

How does it work? AIOSEO is a WordPress plugin that comes with a powerful toolkit to guide you step by step on how to make your blog/site SEO-friendly and make the most of the keywords you are targeting.
After installing the AIOSEO plugin on your WP site, it will scan all your articles/blog posts and provide you with a ranking of how SEO-optimized it is. And if you suck at SEO, don’t worry! AIOSEO will give you instructions on what you need to do to make your site SEO-optimized.

Besides, AIOSEO comes with Smart Schema Markup and allows you to easily add Custom Breadcrumbs and generate and submit your website’s XML sitemap to Google Search Console. With All In One SEO you can also verify your website on your Pinterest account within minutes, without needing to have coding skills!



The following tools will help you keep up with the law requirements as a blogger.

Count on Privacy Policies to take care of the legal part of blogging for you.


As you probably know, Privacy Policies are required by law. And as you’re probably no lawyer, to make your life as a website owner a little less overwhelming, whether you’re a blogger or eCommerce owner, you can count on Privacy Policies to take care of the legal part for you.

Generate custom-made Privacy Policies in seconds to help keep your business safe. With Privacy Policies, you can generate not only Privacy Policies but also Cookies Policies, Terms & Conditions, Return & Refund Policies, Disclaimers, and more, all according to GDPR, CCPA & CalOPPA, or whatever privacy laws are relevant to you depending on where you do business.